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Calibration Services

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Calibration is an elementary process in which an instrument is adjusted to the required accuracy and precision to eradicate or minimize the unfairness in the readings of an instrument. Any instrumentation design demands elimination of elements that creates inaccuracy in the measurements despite of different testing schemes for every product.

The results obtained are further used to settle a link between the analysis techniques followed by the instrument and the well-known values. After calibration, an instrument show more accurate value of the testing sample which in turn provide a safe working environment and produce a logical and authentic data for future reference.

Calibration is recommended for various purposes like carrying out test through a new instrument, testing an instrument after it is repaired, before and after any critical measurement, testing after definite usage, sudden change in weather condition and in case of any mishandling of the instrument.

UNIVERSAL INSTRUMENTATION & CALIBRATION is well-equipped with the latest instruments, expertise, standards, proficiency and techniques to carry out calibration in various dimensions.

The reports prepared with the results contain all the uncertainties related to the measurements. The protocols being followed are strictly in accordance with National and International standards which assures the clients with accuracy of the instruments